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Marketing & Advertising, Publication Design

Guelph Chamber of Commerce

When working for the Guelph Chamber of Commerce I maintained the Chamber brand and their various sub-brands by designing materials for both digital and print formats. These supported the online and offline Chamber sponsored marketing activities as well as fulfilling the needs of those in charge of policy, events coordination, membership, public affairs, and internal documentation.


I designed the layout of the 2020 Grow Guelph Business Directory with ease of use in mind. Sections are colour coded, fonts and their weights are chosen to maximize legibility, and indexes are clearly laid out. In addition, I designed feature sections for Guelph’s top employers, the Chamber, and the City of Guelph. The cover images were curated to embody Guelph and the many businesses that the directory represents.


The Instagram posts show examples of the many posts I created. In addition to using Chamber colours and fonts, each post uses imagery to reinforce the text. Images were often edited or colour blocking used, to allow for the Chamber logo to be prominent.


The logos on the community partners banner were curated in such a way as to first accommodate placement requests by members. The remaining logos were placed to establish overall colour and weight balance. Special care was taken to resize each logo to allow for display consistency among the companies.


The holiday notice required the Chamber brand be reflected in a fun and festive way. Turning the Chamber acorn into ornaments was a hit with the office staff.