Patricia Beader Designs | Rhino Poaching Infographic
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Marketing & Advertising

Rhino Poaching Infographic

I created this poster because of my interest in information design and the necessary skills associated with it. These being the ability to tell a story, organize information, and visualize data while achieving an aesthetically pleasing design. This project reflects my personal love of the natural world and my particular interest in rhinos as an animal of concern.


I researched other examples of information design posters and decided I liked the look of photographic imagery combined with icons or symbols with text. I also knew I wanted to use one main photograph and surround it with the information. I thought a front facing rhino as the central point of interest would be impactful because the rhino looks directly at the viewer who can’t help but make eye contact with the image and therefore feel the rhino’s presence.


The poster shows the information being presented over the image which partially obscures the rhino and alludes to the fact that it might very well vanish if poaching does not stop. Things are more interesting in odd numbers which is why there is one yellow element and three blue elements within the design.


The font Oswald was chosen for its condensed appearance. It allows for short chunks of text to fit into the composition while not appearing too visually dense. The font Lato provides a nice contrast when paired with Oswald. Together the two fonts serve to convey the seriousness of the topic and the importance of the information while still inviting the observer to read it.