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Branding, Illustration, Marketing & Advertising

Markham Board of Trade

The Markham Board of Trade needed promotional materials for their annual Business Excellence Awards Gala. These needed to appeal to a broad market, make sense within the Markham community, be unique, fun, and upbeat.  Each year the event has a new theme with “circus” being the theme for 2017.


Upon doing research, I learned the circus was at its prime in the mid 1800s to early 1900s. I took inspiration from this period and focused on the design elements I liked, such as a primary colour palette, borders, undulating baselines, and display fonts.


The design shows my choice to use the iconic circus image of the strongman paired with the words “Unparalleled Performers” because together these words mean “unequalled” or “supreme”.  Not only does the phrase apply to the strongman but also to the point of the event which is to honour the best in the business.


The final poster design works because it brings together all of the design elements in a cohesive manner while making good use of composition. The viewer’s eye is lead through the poster starting with the large and distinctive headline, then to the strongman who gazes upon the event title, then down to the bottom right to read the last of the information.


To maintain consistency, the event booklet and ticket reflect the poster design.