Patricia Beader Designs | Seasonal Cookbook
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Artwork, Illustration

Seasonal Cookbook

This project shows my interest in book design. I very much enjoy cooking so it seemed natural that I design a cookbook. I drew inspiration from other cookbooks which guided me in my choice of fonts, layout, and the decision to tell a year’s story in food preparation based on the seasons and the ingredients available during each one.


When using cookbooks, I have always appreciated uncluttered layouts where I can easily see the ingredients list and the steps needed to make a recipe. I took this approach when designing my recipe page layouts. This can be seen on the sample pages I have displayed.


I intentionally kept recipes on the left of each spread with images on the right knowing when a reader thumbs through a book they are most likely to look at the right side. With this in mind, I wanted viewers to see images which not only serve to be more captivating than text, but also follows the well-known adage that people eat with their eyes first.


To indicate the categorization of the recipes I chose to give each season a feature spread and each recipe a colour tab matching their respective season. Photos were chosen to match the sensations of each season so the viewer is taken from the whites and light bright colours of spring to the deep blues and greys of winter, further emphasizing a year’s story in food preparation.