Patricia Beader Designs | Wine Label Series
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Illustration, Marketing & Advertising, Package Design, Typography

Wine Label Series

I designed a hypothetical wine series titled the Royal Botanical Collection. I imagined this series as part of a collaboration between Frogpond Farm Organic Winery and the Royal Botanical Gardens since both share similar mindsets around land usage and preservation. In a collaboration scenario I envisioned the proceeds from wine sales going towards supporting RBG conservation projects that work to preserve and restore nature sanctuaries in forest, prairie, and wetland habitats. I also imagined the wines being featured at the RBG caf├ęs and events and for sale at the RBG shop.


The labels were designed with wetland habitats in mind and are named after the flora that can be found in such an area. The images on the labels were hand-drawn and watercolour painted then scanned and edited on a computer where I paired them with the fonts Crimson and Tangerine. I took inspiration from classic botanical illustrations that yield a more realistic rendering of plants. This was done to allow the viewer to connect with and identify actual plants and trees, to appreciate their beauty, and consequently persuade them to purchase the wine and contribute to a good cause.