Patricia Beader Designs | Yorklands Green Hub
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Marketing & Advertising

Yorklands Green Hub

Yorklands Green Hub needed a new promotional pamphlet, a site map, and an events banner. I recognized their need for a consistent brand and approached these projects as a cohesive marketing plan. I took inspiration from the colours comprising the Yorklands logo, nature as a theme, and from trail maps provided at national and provincial parks.


The trifold pamphlet was designed to provide a clear overview of who Yorklands Green Hub is and what they do. Once unfolded, the interior of the pamphlet contains the trail map.


The events banner was designed in such a way as to mimic the pamphlet design, namely in the use of image and colour blocks. The images were curated to capture the viewer’s attention through a display of the beauty and variety of wildlife, plants, and site features while providing key information at a glance. Considerations where taken to provide the most important information above “table height” so the banner could be used behind a display table as well as in front of one.